Thursday, 17 December 2009

Catch up work

The seven points aren't published, and that makes it very hard for me to mark it. So - I know you have work in progress, and that there is a lot that you know you need to do, but seven points to write up, an evaluation/summary of your survey, and pictures of your website all need to be there.

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  1. These are your AS Blogspot posts
    1. Review done
    2. Website analysis and review done
    3. Survey starter done, but needs some explanation.
    4. Media brief - I'm not sure that this is done, so please check it. This is the brief for your main website
    5. Website annotations done
    6. Improved brief - check this too, please.
    7. Young and Rubicam survey result and comment done
    8. Website research findings done, but see if you can improve this.
    9. Main survey - improve this so that we can see all the results published on the blog.

    followed by the seven points (you must read and use Seven point evaluation)

    10 i. In what ways . . . conventions
    11. ii. Represent social groups
    12. iii. Who is your audience
    13. iv. How do you attract an audience
    14. v. Website distribution
    15. vi. What have you learned about technology
    16. vii. What have you learned in the progression from first site to main site.